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How to Write a Successful Story Empty How to Write a Successful Story

Post  Mosha on Sat Feb 11, 2012 4:41 pm

This is a slight tweak of "How to Write a Successful Story on Fiction Press" by Elizabeth Carlton on eHow

You can become the next prominent eFiction author.
The majority of us watch our favourite TV shows online, we do our shopping online through Amazon, ebay, heck we even make friends online through Facebook and twitter! What is this trend telling us? People want to read their favourite books online too!
The globalism of the Internet means more readers for more writers. Fiction Master is here to promote eFiction, we offer you the platform. We don't ask you to have a English degree, we don't ask you to be a professional, we don't ask you to do all the hard work needed for publishing a paper book. Writing doesn't have to be boring, like the classics that are forced down our throats at school. People want to read stories from everyday people, look at those Youtube casters for example! But just like blogging, building a following takes effort. You'll have to produce quality chapters while getting involved with your readers. By implementing the right formula, you can become the next prominent author for eFiction!
Send me, Mosha, a private message to be invited to our Arthur Group!

Some tips to think about
Create a strong first chapter. Create a main character with a strong first impression. Focus on action-based scenes that get your reader excited. At the end of the chapter, wrap up with some suspense -- whether it's a lingering question or an imminent danger that only chapter 2 can reveal.

Post an enticing summary. Think of which aspects of your story will be most interesting to your audience and summarize the most alluring points in three sentences or less. For example, if you're writing a romance, describe how the lovers meet and hint toward a heartbreaking conflict.

Get involved in our community. Browse the fiction stories within the same genre and start leaving comments. Follow stories you genuinely like and don't be afraid to talk to other authors. Utilize the forums. By being active on the website, you make yourself known to readers and writers alike.

Post chapters regularly. We recommend to update weekly. Aim for consistency and update as often as you can. The best way to do this is to make a schedule. If you create a routine where you post on the same day every week, readers will have something to look forward to.

Finish what you started. Credibility is important. Finish your first story before you move on to a new one. If you prove to readers that you can distribute quality chapters from beginning to end, then they'll be more likely to follow you from one story to the next.

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