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White Magic - by InkedGirl, Chapter 6, Fantasy Empty White Magic - by InkedGirl, Chapter 6, Fantasy

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Chapter 6

“She’s gone, Your Majesty.”

“What do you mean?” The black haired king looked up from the paper he had been scrawling at. The ink dripped off the tip of his quill when he lifted it, giving all of his attention to the balding man standing in the doorway.

The man’s face was a pale white as he repeated himself. “The girl, the one that I told you about, the one in the kitchen that you saw-”

The King stabbed his quill in the man’s direction, urging him into silence. He stood from his chair, white feathered quill still hanging between his fingertips. He played with it for a moment, turning away from the man, a finger to his lips in thought.

That girl, you say.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.” The man answered steadily.

“When? How did you come to know of this?”

“Just this morning sir. She was not to be found at her usual station. One of the servants told me.”

“Get the horses.”

The man leaned forward slightly. “Excu-What, Your Majesty?”

“Gather up the horses from the stables. We’re leaving for Norcott.” The King walked back over to the desk and promptly shoved the quill back in the ink well. The letter would have to wait, he thought. Just as his hopes had so soon been in his grasp, they had so eagerly been taken away.

“Yes Your Majesty.” The man answered, watching his King move about the room in hurried movements.

“Go gather the girl’s mother. She most likely knows where she has gone. She will come with us.”

“But what of King Raska, Your Majesty?” He almost pleaded with the King.

The King did not even stop his movements as he packed his belongings in his trunk. “And what of him, Lester? What would he do?” He spat with near venom.

Lester shrank at the words and gave a small bow.

“Just get her and tell the rest of my men to gather their belongings.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.” He bowed once more and quickly removed himself from the King’s presence.

The King locked his trunk and shoved it beneath the large bed. There would be no possible way that they would make it to Norcott before nightfall without a trunk in tow. The less he brought the better. Besides, he could always purchase more clothes, they were of no importance to him. No like the other things in his possession.

He touched the amber ring absently. “A woman of white gold and ash.” He paced the floor twice before taking a pause. “Gold and ash, gold and ash.” The words felt heavy on his tongue as he spoke to himself. “All is well, all is well.” He assured himself.

He took his jewel crusted sword from the table and returned it to his sheath at his side. This journey was going to be quick. He just had to find the girl and convince her of a few things. All would go according to plan and they would return to Sharpspeak palace to continue with the festivities before he took her back to Halburn. That was when things would change.

He walked out of the castle, disturbed and seen by no one except a lowly servant who skittered past him in fevered agitation. The Lords and the Ladies had decided early to walk in the palace yards near at the other end of the castle. The competition the night previous had, of course been won by Sharpspeak’s Princess. The King believed her to be a snotty little thing. She had shown him and his men little respect in the contest. A women win at archery against one of his Knights? He would have laughed had he not seen it with his own eyes. He had later heard her being scolded by the Queen. He laughed at the girl’s pouting face as she silently held her mother’s scorn. The Kingdom was lucky that the Princess had a brother to rule instead of the small minded ninny.

When he had made it to the stables he was pleased to find that his white mare was saddled and ready to go. His three Knights and two servants already sat at their horses, ready to move at their King’s order.

“If we do not find her tonight, I want posters out calling for her arrest.” He stated calmly to his officer, and court magician, Elton.

The clean shaven man nodded, gripping his horse’s reigns steadily. The horse let out a huff. Something palpable and heavy hung in the air around the men. It weighed down in the afternoon sun that warmed their almost frosted faces and fingers.

“Remember,” He added, looking into each of their eyes. “Let no one in the way of this mission.”

The King felt the tingling of the girl’s magic in his fingertips as he took his reigns in hand led them out of the castle walls and on toward the small town of Norcott.

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