Compensation of Spotlight by luckynamegame, Chapter 6, Fantasy

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Compensation of Spotlight by luckynamegame, Chapter 6, Fantasy

Post  luckynamegame on Sun Apr 22, 2012 8:58 pm

This is how you make someone break.
This is how someone falters under pressure, folds under everything they’ve ever wanted to not happen—this is how to kill someone.
From the inside out.
This is how take everything they’ve known away from them and ruin it.
And how do you do this?
You rip their entire world up and throw it away.
You wreck Sector Foxtrot.

I had gotten to the point where I had been staring at my fluorescent light so long; the light had started to bake my face.
I was tired, but I couldn’t sleep, and my arms still hurt, and my mind was racing, and a million other things.
And the thing I wanted to do more than sleep was see Sam again.
I wanted to see his face again, to know that he was alright in all this turmoil. What did I even mean? There was no more turmoil than there usually was, and even though there wasn’t a whole lot, it was enough to make me wonder what would happen in the days to come.
I had had another nightmare earlier, one that had thrown me out of my sleep, breathing hard and crying. I had collapsed back onto my cot, sobbing into the stretched canvas like I was dying.
My dream was like the one from the other night, the one where Sam and I were talking before a big boom cut us off. And out of the boom came a figure walking towards me, one with cat eyes.
And right before I had woken up, the split millisecond that my eyes opened and my dream disappeared, I heard a single whispering voice.
We’re coming.
What was wrong with me?
I wondered that as I draped my arm over my eyes, thinking back to the whispering voice, which was so close it sounded like someone had whispered it over my shoulder.
Who was coming?
And what did it mean?
These were the kinds of questions that I had been wondering for the past couple of hours as I was reminded of the little voice that I had almost managed to toss out of my head.
I couldn’t tell Sam, even though he wasn’t awake yet. But when he awoke, he would ask. And I would have to tell him.
Who are you? It was a shot in the dark by calling out to the whisper from my head, but I had nothing else.
Nothing but the buzz of the overhead light answered me.
It seemed to scream US at me.
But it wasn’t real.
I should go back to sleep, try to sleep again before—
Before I had to go through another maze again. Then maybe I could finally get some rest from—
“No!” I exclaimed, louder than I had planned, so loud that it startled even myself.
And predictably, Sam in the next cell.
“Spotlight?” He asked groggily but quickly awake, as if he had sensed my fear and confusion.
And just like that, I burst out into tears. I wasn’t sure why, but in that moment, I was just so sick of that stupid wall between us that I ached.
“Spotlight, are you okay?” Sam asked again, but in a much more hurried tone. I could hear him trying to get as close to the air duct as he could. “Spot?”
“It’s not fair!” I wailed loudly, shaken up over my own sobs. I was scared of myself crying? Why?
“Spotlight, what’s the matter?” Sam inquired as concern flooded into his voice. Like I said, he was overprotective.
It struck anger in me like a match that he already knew my statement was true. This—everything—Foxtrot—wasn’t fair. Nothing in our lives was fair, from the beginning. We were stuck here, normal people weren’t, and because of what, a few genes that we couldn’t control?
We were treated like rats!
It made me so angry, so unbearably angry, I just wanted to—to—to something! I didn’t know what, but I wanted to destroy something. I wanted something to burn up from me just looking at it. I wanted to break things with my mind, set things on fire, rip things apart into tiny little pieces and then set those little pieces on fire!
I was so mad.
My whole crappy world seemed to fall off my shoulders in those angry moments; nothing meant anything, and anything meant nothing. All concern seemed to break up and dissolve like dirt off my mind, flying, flying, somewhere else that I couldn’t see.
I was that angry.
I screamed at the top of my lungs out of blind fury, feeling as the air slowly seeped out of my lungs, throwing back my head and screaming at the light above me, at the scientists, at the metal bars that always surrounded me. I screamed at the Comet, at the Abyss, at the dead Unknowns—screamed at it all.
“Spotlight!” Sam roared over me, his voice breaking through my scream once or twice. “Spotlight!”
But I didn’t want to listen to him reassuring me right now.
I wanted him to leave me to my angry rant, like I left him to his angry rants.
Us what? Us what what?!
“Spotlight, stop!” Sam yelled at me in a tone I had never heard him take in his normal voice, not even in his angry moments.
And his voice was cut off by another scream.
It was the new scream that shut me up, that sent shivers crawling down my back as I completely froze.
It was the scream of the Abyss alarm.

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