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Abuse of PMs/e-mails – it is considered to be a breach of forum rules to quote or summarise PMs between forum members in open forum. The facility was introduced to give members a chance to communicate directly without having to go through different mail systems. The same disclosure rules apply to both PM and other email forms. Private mail is “private” and any breach of this is likely incur the usual penalties.

Bad language - repetitive or needless use of bad language can result in a member being suspended for a one-week cool-down period.

Bashing - Deliberately and repeatedly bashing the same brand, product or company will get you banned. If you have a complaint or comment to make then make it once and make sure you have facts to support it. We will also not tolerate any disparaging remarks about other forums, or websites, and their members.

Be civil - anyone being abusive, calling people names or generally trying to stir up trouble will not be tolerated. If you think someone is wrong it may be because they are new, don't jump on them, think first. If you are repeatedly abusive you will be banned from these forums. Once again, be nice to each other.

Bumping – Don’t bump your message back to the top of the forum with no new content.

Commercial advertising – Commercial website linking or advertising is not allowed, if you wish to advertise on the site contact us (correct URL needed). This rule includes administrators of other online fiction websites promoting themselves on the forum. You will be banned and have all of your messages removed.

Flame / Attacks - We do not tolerate abusive, malicious, personal attacks or self-promoting messages.

Harassment - If we receive complaints about users harassing other users either by forum message, email or by other methods you will be banned immediately. If serious enough we will also contact your ISP and report the matter.

Legal ownership - Each message posted is owned by and the opinion of the original poster. Neither FictionMaster nor its owner or administrator, and moderators are legally responsible for anything posted on these forums.

Site questions / comments - Please check our forum FAQ first, you may have a question which has already been answered. If not, you are more than welcome to as help in the General Discussion forum.

SPAM – avoid SPAM and wasteful cross-posting.

Signatures - signatures should not be overly large, or use garish colours. The Administrators prefer the use of non-graphic signatures but if an illustration is used it should be no more than 35 pixels high (or tall). Members can be required to modify signatures which fall outside this guideline.

Software piracy - We do not allow the posting of anything related to the piracy of software.

Trolls - Anyone deliberately antagonizing other forum users by posting 'flame bait' type messages are not welcome.

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