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Writer Qualification Process Empty Writer Qualification Process

Post  Mosha on Sat Feb 18, 2012 4:10 pm

Like the stories you read here? You think you got the talent for writing as well? The application process is simple, PM an Admin for inquiries.
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1. New writers are to submit 10,000 words of the beginning of their story to be reviewed. This is to ensure that a new publication would not be discontinued right away.
2. Each chapter is to have a minimum of 2000 words, up to a maximum of 4500 words. This is a standard we want to establish when having many different people posting much different work.
3. Once you are ready to post, follow the instructions in “Publishing Policy - Authors please read” under “Current installments” to publish your work.
4. It is advised to update at least once a week for the readers that follow your work. This gives them something to anticipate for.
5. Thus we do recommend saving up a few chapters as buffers in case you are too busy to write.
6. A reminder letter will be send to the writer every week that passed without an update. Once the work is set aside for 45 days, without giving us reasons, it will be moved to the “Uncompleted” section (hidden.) If then the writer decides to reopen the book, he/she may requests to reverse this process.
• It is a good habit to post work at regular and set intervals.

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